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Video Gallery
Ms.Song, Chairman of Scotland-China Chamber of Commerce, giving opening speech on the VIP session
Mr. ZHANG Huazhong, deputy Consul General of Consulate-General of the Peoples Republic of China in Edinburgh
Helen Moonie, Provost of South Ayrshire Council.
Malcolm Roughead, Chief Executive of Visit Scotland.
Ms. Duan Tianling, Deputy Director General of Hubei Provincial Department of Culture.
, by Mr. ZHU Shihui, president of Hubei Provincial Peking Opera Troupe.
, by Mr. CAI Xiaodong, principal of the Experimental School Attached to Beijing Normal University
, by Charlotte Rostek, Head of the Glasgow Office, Lyon & Turnbull Ltd
, by WU Lifan, the representative of modern Chinese art
, by CHEN Yin, head of art education centre of Fudan University
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