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Councillor Helen Moonie the Provost of South Ayrshire said after the show: Thank you very much for the huge effort that you made in welcoming me to the First Chinese Arts and Culture Festival on Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances.
Francesca Pisanu the Visitor Services Advisor of Visit Scotland Information Centre highly recommended this event: I very much enjoyed the Chinese festival. I loved the variety of performances, the talented actors and musicians, the welcoming hosts at the door, the free tea tasting at the end, and the show as a whole. Thank you again for giving me the chance to be part of the audience at the festival, I have already recommended it to my colleagues as a must do for next year and will do with my customers as well.
Mr James McColm from Ayrshire enjoyed the whole event, he said: On behalf of my other seven guests who formed the group of my VIPs yesterday at EICC, I offer you my sincere thank you for inviting us to this marvellous and inspiring display of Chinese talent and culture. We were all absolutely impressed by every act, and the children of Number 12 Middle School and their teachers must also be congratulated for providing great music and song, as well as a super-coordinated timing to their delightful choir routines.
Andrew McKinlay, the Policy Adviser in International Relations of Scottish Government was amazed by the mask changing display: my partner and I thoroughly enjoyed all the performance acts, especially the mask changing display! I thought everything was coordinated very well and I am sure the other performances on Saturday and Sunday would have been just as enthralling.
Manuela Calchini, the Regional Partnerships Directorof Visit Scotland valued the performance as a great represent of Chinese culture: the wonderful displays by Szechuan Opera and Beijing High School No 12 were a credit to your country and a wonderful introduction to your culture. Ivery much look forward to 2016 and the second Chinese Arts and Culture Festival.
Ms SONG Jie, the chairman of Scotland and China Chamber of Commerce expressed her proud of holding this event, she said: Chinese Arts & Culture Festival is going to be the best stage for showcasing Chinese arts and culture in Edinburgh Festival time.

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