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About Chinese Arts & Culture Festival
Scotland-China Chamber of CommerceSCCCwas established by Ms Jie Song on 1st October 2009. Ever since, the SCCC have brought up the partnership between China Government and Edinburgh council, mediated several business to business networking between Scottish and Chinese companies, held a wide range of cultural, and education events (e.g. Panda Fever, Edinburgh Festivals) in Edinburgh to foster and enhance friendship, understanding and partnership between the people of Scotland and China.
Membership of the Scottish Council for Voluntary OrganisationsScotland-China Chamber of Commerce
The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) is the membership organisation for Scotlands charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

SCVO works in partnership with the voluntary sector to advance our shared values and interests. We have over 1500 members who range from individuals and grassroots groups, to Scotland-wide organisations and intermediary bodies. Through lobbying and campaigning SCVO works to advance the interests of our members and the people and communities that they support.
Our services help charities and third sector organisations across Scotland focus on what they do best, whether thats supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities or conducting cutting edge research. From providing a payroll service to third sector organisations to creating thousands of jobs for young people in charities across Scotland, SCVOs services make a real difference.

As one of the memberships, we do hope to create actively the friendship and cooperation between China and Scotland, the establishment of cultural and educational exchanges, and the development of jobs on both sides, we are proud of being members of the organization, furthermore to create a friendship and interests between the people of both countries.
The earliest originator for The first Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Chinese Arts & Culture Festival was Ms Jie Song, Chairman of Scotland-China Chamber of Commerce. She hopes that China performers can present their best through the western e stage, cam show the beauty, artistic, and creation of the Orient. When Eastern meets Western, we all look forward to knock beautiful spark. After the success of the first performance, we are looking forward to the follow-up more second, third, and fourth, to spread farther the beauty of the Orient.
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